const Name = 'Guillaume';

const Lastname = 'Bonnet';

var Location = 'Perpignan, France';

What about working with me?


I'm a Front-End Developper from France. I like elegant things and coding, Web is my daily life. And I'm available for work.

Self-taught web developper, I'm aspired to do it professionnaly. I'm obsessed with minor details, because I'm convinced that it's important. I'm always trying to make new things and learn something new everyday. Algorithm and Visual are like an electron and a proton : they are together to make something amazing.

I enjoy reading books, things which talk about Science, playing Chess, observing Nature, hiking through the wilds. And the most important : having fun when I'm doing something.


"Always creativity, for whatever, whenever."

I always work on something until I finish it. Furthermore, I believe that when you are making things, you can be sure that some idea will come, and as human beings, we want to try things that we have seen in our mind, and it's always taking more time than we expect.

Some projects

And few more available on my Github...

So, interested?

Well, maybe next time.